the team

Meet the team that brings their expertise to all of our clients and projects. Assembling a team to tap into the massive entertainment world requires a calculated and strategic approach. We are proud to present the individuals that make dreams come true.


Michael Beckmann - President / CEO

Michael Beckmann desires to be known for a culture of Relentless love, endeavoring to transform social environments and personal lives through many different media channels, including film, music, and power influencers. He is passionate for inspiring, motivating, and calling out the best in others, empowering their dreams, especially utilizing the power of collaboration.


Wolfgang Kovacek - Distribution and Creations Development

Wolfgang Kovacek is a seasoned executive in the financial arena providing services in venture capital, private equity and has vast experience in matters of the stock exchange. He is a business consultant, business mentor, entrepreneur, financial facilitator, manager, former web communication executive, film producer and director.


Ricardo Carballo - Director of Latino Entertainment

Ricardo Carballo migrated to the U.S. in the early 1980s and has a deep passion for his native home El Salvador and its people. His career includes an impressive 15 years as a specialized auto technician and he worked as an extra on films for many years. He also works closely with the Latin community and dedicates his time to TSBKC - The Spirit and the Bride Kingdom Coalition as well as coaching youth soccer.


Angela Leseueur - Executive Assistant

From Sunnyside, Georgia, the team wouldn’t be complete without the expertise of Angela Leseueur. Her impressive background assisting high level executives in the entertainment world is key to Relentless Entertainment. Her heart for people shines through as she guides all aspects of the team’s interactions.


Jacey Hopper - CFO | Dunamis Glory Media

With an extensive corporate career in sales, speaking and presentation, it is no surprise that Jacey Hopper leads the pack overseeing all aspects of creative projects, planning and budgeting for Dunamis Glory Media. Jacey works closely with Rachel Mijares to ensure the scope and direction of each industry leading project. Together, Jacey and Rachel founded Moms of Miracles - Prayer Ministry.


Rachel Mijares - CEO | Dunamis Glory Media

Rachel Mijares lives and breathes design. With an award-winning career in marketing, she excels at building brands, UX design, advertising and sales. Rachel works closely with the entertainment industry’s top designers, artists, copywriters, marketers and their sales teams to create vision and impressive digital media. Together, Rachel and Jacey founded Moms of Miracles - Prayer Ministry.