Michael Beckmann, President of Relentless Entertainment, desires to be known for a culture of Relentless love, endeavoring to transform social environments and personal lives through many different media, including film, music, and power influencers. He is passionate for inspiring, motivating, and calling out the best in others, empowering their dreams, especially utilizing the power of collaboration.

As his modus operandi is building strategic relationships, Michael gets to witness collaborative power at its finest, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and not only does every party find a win-win but where Michael and Relentless Entertainment become beneficiaries of every party's personal trust and respect. Thus, Michael is quickly growing in favor with the Hollywood industry and his diligence is only outshined by how he puts people first over and above the project or product.

One strategic alliance has been built with the owners of Lone Tree Productions ("The Equalizer" movie) expanding the services of Relentless from their specialty of large Rock shows and personal bookings for speakers and bands to the Production of more prominent Films and Cinematic projects.

Michael's work in greater detail includes fundraising for nonprofits, sourcing funding for film projects, all production aspects of film, distribution and marketing of all types of books and media, and the aforementioned booking of speakers and producing independent shows from funding & promotion, to managing all venue aspects.

Among his work repertoire is:

Words of Art (movie) as Co-Producer www.wordsofartmovie.com;

Sam Childers (of Machine Gun Preacher), as his Personal Manager; www.machinegunpreacher.com

Hillsong United, as Promoter of three concerts;

A Line in the Sand 2011, Rose Bowl, as Event Producer; 

A Line in the Sand 2014, Verizon Amphitheater, as Event Producer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r16fboAw0SQ

Unlimited Grace, Pico Rivera Sports Arena, as Event Producer

Michael's work in Booking (speaking engagements, shows, etc.) includes High Profile people such as:

Maurice Sklar, world-renowned violinist

Bill Ewing, former SVP of Columbia Pictures

Sam Childers, Mercenary and Subject of Machine Gun Preacher (movie)

Mary K. Baxter, Author and Minister www.marykaybaxterinc.com 

Evan Money, Executive Producer

Kevin McAfee, Director (End of the Spear) www.endofspear.com

Clyde Rivers, Ambassador to Burundi, speaker, philanthropist www.ichangenations.org





Stellar Carte

Esther Lynn

Julie Meyer

A less known but equally impressive component of his repertoire is that Michael has been invited to speak and share his personal radical story at venues, radio and television shows across the United States, and has been doing so for over a decade.

In addition to Michael holding the position of founder and President of Relentless Entertainment Event Productions LLC, he also holds the position and was certified as an Ambassador with I Change Nations.

An overview of Michael's professional services and assorted images of his professional work can be found at the Relentless Entertainment website, www.relentlessentertainment.us.

Michael can be reached at michael@relentlessentertaintment.us



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