New Production Announcement- Feature Film Kumu

Relentless Entertainment is excited to announce they have signed on as Executive Producers in collaboration with Cornerstone Multimedia for the feature film, Kumu.

Cornerstone Multimedia’s “KUMU, The Movie” is a family film based on the real life experiences of Dennis James Lee, founder of the Free To Follow Band, a music ministry based in Hawaii. His ministry team originated from a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences, which inspired the character arcs in this film.

“KUMU, The Movie” is an inspirational story about a Christian minister John Davis and his estranged daughter Keala. An unforeseen tragedy forces Keala to return to her father’s house on Oahu, Hawaii, where she must learn to forgive him for his criminal past and heal their broken relationship.

For more information on how you can support the making of this film, please contact

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